1/6 Scale Warriors Series – Thracian General by ACI


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Product Description

Product Size: 12″

** Newly Sculpted Head
–    With synthetic hair wig.
–    With yelling expression
–    Every piece is professionally hand painted.
** ACI Toys Muscular Body ‘Andrew’  (Painted; Over 30 points of articulation; Detail craved skin texture with prominent blood vessels and manifest pores.)

Armor and Weapon
1. Thracian Helmet with red plume
2. Embossed Gauntlets
3. Greaves with leather strap
4. Round Shield/Pelta
5. Sword (Diecast metal)
6. Dory / Spear (Diecast metal spear head)

1. Protective waist belt and shoulder belt with refined buckle
2. Leather Loincloth
3. Red Cloak (Battle Worn)
4. Sandals

Additional Information

Weight 4.77 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 11 x 9 in


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