DiD 1/6 Hans (Cross-Eyed Version) – WWII German Army Supply Duty – Special Edition


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1 One cross-eyed headsculpt ** Special Edition **
2 One all-era body
3 One pair of relaxed palms
4 One pair of open palms
5 One palm for holding ladle
6 One M42 Tunic
7 One pair of pants
8 One reversible parka with worn beige side
9 One sweater
10 One field side cap
11 One helmet
12 One pair of gloves
13 One scarf
14 One belt (real leather)
15 One pair of boots
16 One food container with removable canister, real leather straps and metallic ladle
17 One milk can
18 One mess tin with dish and spoon
19 One bread bag
20 One flocked canteen
21 Two loaves of rye bread
22 Two slices of bread
23 One bayonet with scabbard
24 One medal
* The parka, food container, helmet, mess tin and boots are with weathering.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 7 x 5 in


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