Executive Replicas Phicen 1/6 Scale 12″ The Spider ERTS001


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THE SPIDER, foremost action hero in pulp fiction, was created by Harry Steeger as an avenging knight in a black cape.  First appearing in THE SPIDER magazine in 118 epic novels mainly written by the legendary Norvell W. Page, of whom the LIBRARY JOURNAL said,

“…just may have inspired the Iron Man franchise.”  Adventures packed with danger, impending doom, fantastic villains, and breathtaking action, The Spider went on to star in two Columbia Pictures action serials

Officially licensed and Authorized by Argosy Communications, Inc
1 Pair of 1940’s style shoes
1 x Dress tie
1 x –Long sleeved dress shirt
1 x 1930’s style two piece suit
1 x-fedora hat
1 x hood (serial version)
1 x removable mask
2 x capes (1 x Pulp version & 1 x serial version

2 X .045 automatic guns with removable cartridge
1 X double underarm holster
3 X SETS OF hands


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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 8 x 4 in


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