soldier story SS-071 2nd Marine Division Operation Desert Saber


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PASGT Helmet PAGST Helmet cover G.I. Sun-Wind-Dust Motocross Goggles Night Camouflage Hat Night camouflage uniform parkas Night camouflage uniform trousers T-shirt Balaclava PASGT Body armor Desert camo PASGT flak jacket cover Desert Camouflage Hat Desert battle dress uniform coat Desert battle dress uniform trousers Olive drab panama jungle combat boots Y suspenders LC-2 belt LC-2 Magazine pouches*2 Hand grenades *4 Flash light Strobe light &strobe light case E-Tool plastic sheath First Aid / Compass Pouch LC-2 Butt pack LC-2 first aid kit pouch M17 gas mask container Canteens & Canteen covers*2 Desert camo backpack covers Alice Backpacks Alice load carrying equipment metal frame M16A2 assault rifle M16 30-Round magazine*7 M9 bayonet & Scabbard belt attachment “O” Lanyard Kit G.I. earplugs case Sleeping pad Alice Clips (Belt Keepers) S2 body Head Hands*2


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