SQUARE ENIX Play Arts Kai Iron Man Marvel Comics Variant


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“Iron Man” appeared in PLAY ARTS Kai VARIANT series!

Born from “Marvel Comics” in 1963, live-action film adaptation than in 2008.
Full of humanity and settings sophisticated design than Valiant series in pursuit of sophisticated design and innovative is attractive “Iron Man”, released!

The supple and elegant body lines reminiscent of the ninja, the black to red and gold is an image color added, and the approach in a more tight image.

Palm of Riparusarei, micro missile injection of the thigh to the jet injection of the legs, opening and closing the moving, etc. on the back flap and leg air brake flap, by a number of accessories effect parts to represent the high-performance powered suit to be told even in the play, it is possible to enjoy the action that specializes in combat.

Is built with flexible joint structure, such as flight attitude and landing scene, a number of poses to symbolize the Iron Man, paint which has been subjected to realistic combat damage, it exceeds the impression of as “items” that figure, may say I have exudes no real presence.


[Accessories Parts]
· Sort hand × 4
· Thigh missile parts
· Back flap replacement parts
· Leg jet injection parts

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